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                About us

                Suzhou Zhongtao Textile Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture comprehensive textile company.It affiliated more than 10 matching ancillary processing plants ,setting fabric weaving, printing and dyeing, finishing and garment production and sales in one.The headquarters is located in Suzhou Shengze, which is the core area of the Yangtze River Delta and famous for silk.There is nearly one hour driving from Shanghai, Hangzhou,and Shaoxing Keqiao.

                Group business mainly consists of four plates:Home Textiles Division,Tooling Fabric Division,Fashion Fabric Division and Garment Division.

                Since established in 2004, the Group has benefited from the rapid growth of China's economy and our company has also entered a period of rapid development. The annual sales of fabric amounted to more than 9,000 US dollars, clothing sales of more than 800 million dollars.The products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, South America and other countries and regions. The company is committed to becoming a first - class international textile group that fully integrated upstream and downstream weaving, dyeing and finishing, finishing, sewing and other industrial chain, to provide customers with cost-effective products

                Home Textiles Division (HTD)

                Home Textiles Division predecessor was established in 2008, the main sand release and curtain cloth, for the European and American markets, the department's annual sales of more than 100 million yuan.

                Tooling Fabric Division (TFD)

                Tooling Fabric Division was established in 2005, is the company set up the first foreign trade sector, is mainly responsible for the production and sale of Oxford ,pongee composite knitted fabrics, outdoor functional fabrics and other tooling fabrics. Facing the markets of Russia and other CIS countries,TFD created 150 million yuan annual sales.

                Fashion Fabric Division(FFD)

                in 2005 ,ZhongTao carry out fashion-related business. The main production of peach skin, imitation silk.,Memory cloth, polyester-cotton, pongee, Nylon shioze and other fashion fabrics.FTd last year sales of about 300 million.

                Garment Division(GD)

                ZhongTao began in 2007 to carry out clothing foreign trade business, and in 2008 to set up their own garment factory. Mainly the production of export jackets windbreaker and other clothing, the previous year sales of about 8 million dollars.

                Copyright:Suzhou Zhongtao Textile Co., Ltd. Technical support:RBWL

                ADD:Wujiang District, Jiangsu, Suzhou

                TEL:+86-512 63513259

                FAX:+86 512 63513319