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                Textile department since the establishment will play an important role, the cornerstone of the development of the company in 2005, HTD product positioning in the sofa cloth and curtain cloth, which is dedicated to the production and sale of suede, shade cloth, jacquard cloth and other textile fabrics. HTD mainly for Europe and the United States market, after ten years of continuous development......

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                Specializing in the production of sofa fabrics, professional team management.
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                Since 2008 the company began the development of sofa fabrics, the current annual sales of about $35 million, mainly exported to Europe, and central and South America, has a wealth of experience in production management and control.

                Has a complete matching weaving, dyeing, composite, bronzing factory.
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                Ensure to provide customers with the best price on the market; to maximize the speed of delivery; improve the speed of new products.

                Have rich experience in sofa fabric development
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                The company every year to participate in the world's best several textile exhibitions regularly, and the company long-term cooperation with Italy's high-end brand sofa, the company every year is to keep up with the trend of European textile, provide products and the latest color for customers.

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